The aim of this site to promote the building and flying of outdoor

Free Flight Scale Model Aeroplanes

for sport and competition.

Mike setting the tail feathers of his Sopwith Snipe at 2017 Nationals

Sopwith Dove at the Eddie Riding. Photo by Alex Whitaker

Free Flight Scale videos on youtube

Free Flight Scale at the BMFA Nationals 2018

A selection of various model flights with my Sopwith Snipe being the last flight, and what a cracker!

Free Flight Scale at the 2017 Nationals

BMFA May Nats 2016

Bill Dennis with his winning flight of his RE8


BMFA May Nats 2016

My Sopwith Cuckoo flies into second place in Super Scale


BMFA Nats August 2014


2013 Free Flight Nationals


Bob Bojanowski's Giant scale, rubber-powered, Rearwin Speedster


Geneseo 2014, rubber-powered Vickers Nene Viking flight


Free flight model flying at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Sept.1, 2013


BMFA FF Indoor Scale Nats 2012


Various F.F.S videos


Flying Aces


South Australian Scale Masters 2011


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There are formal competitions such as the National Championships in May and August, The Selby Trophy, Oxford MFC in September as well as the more informal competitions such as Old Warden and other rallies and meetings around the U.K.

See Diary Dates


If you have a Free Flight Scale event you would like to advertise please message me from the Contacts page with the full details and I will include it on the Diary Dates page.


To quote a certain leading exponent of the craft this discipline thrives on "sarcasm and banter". So please excuse the humour, intentional and otherwise, herein contained as I don't want to get too serious or anoraky. After all, we are trying to enjoy ourselves and have Fun Fun Fun, aren't we?


Mike Smith

If you need to know what the wind and weather forecast is, go to


22 January 2019
5/12/18 Sopwith Snipe. Video added.

Links. BMFA Scale Technical Committee website address updated.

11/12/18 Tech Tips Interplane Struts 

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