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The aim of this site to promote the building and flying of outdoor

Free Flight Scale Model Aeroplanes for sport and competition.

DW0A2719 original reduced.jpg

Mike setting the tail feathers of his Sopwith Snipe at 2017 Nationals

Sopwith Dove

Sopwith Dove at the Eddie Riding. Photo by Alex Whitaker

fimished model.jpg

My U.S. Airmail DH4 m2 1/9th Scale, 51" Span. Mills 1.3 Engine. Weighs 1.3 kg.


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There are formal competitions such as the National Championships in May and August, The Selby Trophy, Oxford MFC in September as well as the more informal competitions such as Old Warden and other rallies and meetings around the U.K.

See and as well as calendars in the media such as the Aeromodeller Magazine and BMFA News.

To quote a certain leading exponent of the craft this discipline thrives on "sarcasm and banter". So please excuse the humour, intentional and otherwise, herein contained as I don't want to get too serious or anoraky. After all, we are trying to enjoy ourselves and have Fun Fun Fun, aren't we?


Mike Smith

If you need to know what the wind and weather forecast is, go to or

Free Flight Scale videos on YouTube

I did have a list of YouTube videos here but it has become somewhat cumbersome as the number of available videos increases.

This is somewhat obvious but I include it anyway.
Go to and search free flight scale, or any combination that is relevant, and hey presto!


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